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Virgin Mary Messages Paperback Book
"Messages from the Heart of Our Mother"
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Fr. Robert J. Fox and Little MaryWhile reading this book, you may see our lives in a different way, one that challenges and one that presents options for the soul.  Author Fr. Robert J. Fox chronicles the extraordinary messages from Little Mary, the conversing with heaven and sharing his own insight on the subject matter of this very special interior locution charism.

The name of the parish to which Little Mary belongs is not mentioned or even where she lives. The name of her priest spiritual director is not given, nor the diocese. This is to protect her and her family.  People can get very excited and not realize what they are doing to others whom God may have used or is using in a special way.

The Messages from the Heart of Our Mother are conversations with Jesus and Mother Mary, which is Little Mary's account of her direct conversations and listening to them.

Finally, on January 11, 1995, Little Mary wrote her first message which she kept. The original messages, torn up, would be dictated to her again. The Blessed Mother thus had to convince Little Mary that she was chosen to be a messenger and heaven would not change on this.

During the first days she would sometimes receive a message both in the morning and in the evening. You will notice that in several incidences there are two messages for the same day....  The first messages were relatively simple.  At this early stage Little Mary was not well developed in spirituality to any depth... Below are the first messages:

January 11,1995, Wednesday 
Be Silent and Hear My Words.

My daughter,
I have protected you. You were a virgin but then chose to become a mother. Look to the highest and crown Him with many crowns. Jesus reigns and is above all the earth. Cast away all your doubts and remain with us. This earth is so full of sorrow and doubt. Look to the skies because God can fulfill your every need. He had promised to keep you, hold you and protect you for He is your true Father and I your true Mother. Rejoice in the Lord always, again I say, rejoice. Be silent and hear my words for I am with you. Look at my heart as I am in yours.

January 12,1995, Thursday
From the Lord Jesus: Look Inside the Flower.

Look inside the flower. There was once this tiny seed. Now your petals will open and you will blossom and grow in me. Keep your yes open and beware of dark times. Blessed is the fruit of the womb, Jesus. Stay close to me and you will see the glory and power of eternity.

The style of the heavenly messages and the speaking and writing patterns of Little Mary herself are different. In the compiler’s judgment, and many others, including priests, religious and laity, the messages are not Little Mary’s. They are: Messages from the Heart of Our Mother.

Our Blessed Mother and Jesus gave these messages with a note of urgency, stressing they are for the world. The Blessed Mother uses a certain style directed to all. As a good Mother, she desires to have her messages touch each and every one of her children.  The crisis in the family today, in the Church, in the world—all are dealt with in this remarkable, readable book.

The book shares at times enlightening, sometimes difficult topics, for example:  government, politics, war, poverty, war, poverty, family, and the relationship of man and God, the creator of the Heavens and the Earth. Compelling insights on subject matter: self reflection, prayer, relationships, marriage, abortion, life and death, endangering the soul, the Commandments, the second coming of Christ.  It shares spiritual ways to change ones life to grow closer to God and to live a holy life.

Order: Virgin Mary Messages Paperback BookDoes Hell exist?  "Many are giving in to the ways of the world. Many do not believe that hell exists and are living in mortal sin. Please wake up now, for the earth can only tremble for so long. Evil is truly entering this world, so please join hands and pray. Pray for unbelievers".

Sin, does it still exist today?  "Ten Commandments are being ignored because man does not want to change, change their lifestyle. Many find it easier to live in sin, which is pulling them further away from God.  So many innocent lives are being destroyed because so many do not cherish life. So many hearts are infected with sin, so that is why so many children are turning to drugs. Adultery and homosexuality is on the rise due to lack of prayer and obedience ... Jesus cannot help those who are not sorry for all their sins."

"If my children do not repent, then they are choosing to walk alone. So many souls are condemning themselves because of their refusal to repent and amend their ways....Admit your weaknesses and amend them by asking, asking for forgiveness. Humble yourself in the presence of the Lord....Examine your conscience and be truly sorry for your sins.  Repent and do penance for your sins before it's too late.  Get down on your knees and pray, pray from your heart."

Category:  Prayer - Religion
Published: Fatima Family Apostolate ( Non-Profit)
Publish Date: 2004
Pages: 399
Binding: Paperback
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Weight: 1.875 lbs
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Fatima Family Apostolate is dedicated to the sanctification of the family and the individual through spreading the Fatima message.  A non-profit Catholic missionary apostolate specializing in the publishing and distribution  of Catholic books designed to aid Catholics on their journey towards heaven.  The Fatima Family Apostolate was started at the encouragement of the Pontifical Council for the Laity, and is endorsed by the Vatican's Pontifical Council for the Family. It is now an international Apostolate, having members all over the world and publishes a 52-page quarterly magazine called the Immaculate Heart Messenger.
You don't have to believe that Little Mary is really speaking to Jesus and Mary to find in this book a huge amount of insight and a perspective on reality worthy of serious consideration. 

These messages with the Mother of God has turned out to be a splendid work of spiritual discussion and  challenges us in our secular society to rethink and reflect on and to live a life of virtue.  This is a great book for building up a new personal relationship with Jesus and his Blessed Mother one day at a time.

Fr. Fox does a very nice explanation of these messages and how they flow with the Gospels and the Fatima messages.

Little Mary receives no royalties or
 income for the sales of these books.

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April16,1998, Thursday
Satan is helpless if you do not give in to his evil ways.

My child, Satan is helpless if you do not give in to his evil ways. If you standby me with faith, hope and love, he is powerless. When you draw away from me, he will then attack wherever you are weak. Be on guard so you do not give in to his foolish ways. Be on guard, for the enemy will try to prevent you from receiving me in Holy Communion. He will give you undesirable thoughts to cause weariness and despair. He is full of lies and will try to confuse you. He dreads seeing anyone make a humble confession, for then he knows he lost.
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The enemy likes to distract those who pray or do good deeds. He is sly; that is why I have come to warn you. Do not be troubled by his evil tendencies, just remain close to me at all times. Your suffering will bring you closer to me, so be strong and don't give in. Be obedient, for then many souls will be saved. Many devils wander this earth in search of whomever they can grasp, but they only succeed when one gives in to them. They are powerless over Christians, so be glad if you are following me.

I am Jesus, your merciful Lord. I have come to warn each of you that without prayer and a desire to follow me, it will become much more difficult for you. Trust in my wisdom so yo
u stay armored. Live my words and abide in truth. Honor my saints and strive hard to become just like them. Detest your sins and be honest with yourselves. Ask daily for my forgiveness, for then you shall be given strength. Think often of my life so you pick up your cross, no matter how hard it becomes; your burdens will then be lifted and peace will enter your heart and soul.

My mercy pours out to each of you; that is why I am ever so near. So draw near to me, for then my rays will warm your soul. Draw near to me and take refuge in my heart, for then you will be protected from all storms that unfold. You will be secure, for I will be there to console those who accept my Divine Mercy. Greener pastures await those who climb and who remain close to me. So, be not afraid, just trust in me, for I am Jesus, your merciful Lord.

The reality of Satan and the devils must be understood. The devil does tempt us. He strikes at our weakest spot. The devil knows where we are weak and more prone to fall under temptation. We must fortify ourselves with daily prayer, with frequent confession, and worthy reception of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ in Holy Communion. When tempted we should call upon our Guardian Angel. We should frequently pray the prayer to St. Michael the Archangel. The devil hates Our Blessed Mother Mary; that is why the daily Rosary, meditating on the Mysteries of Jesus Christ, is so powerful against Satan.

The battle today is between the good holy angels and the fallen angels and it is over us they do battle. The holy angels want our souls for Jesus and Mary, their Lord, King and Queen. The fallen angels cannot love but only hate. They constantly strive to tempt us to sin by bad thoughts, through bad pictures, the media, bad companions, so they can separate us from Jesus and Mary and keep us from heaven. Page - 127

February 24,2003, Monday
Keep your hearts open to the graces which are
pouring forth from my Immaculate Heart.

My daughter, Those who speak the truth must also live it. They must be an example to all their brothers and sisters. They must be patient, kind, and loving and treat others with respect. It is time now to truly live the Gospel. It is time now to go forth and be a witness for Christ. It is truly time now to go forth and be a witness for Christ.

All that I am teaching you, must flow, flow from your hearts. In order for these messages to be spread, love and joy must shine through you. So today Task that you begin to live, live, live these messages.
This is a time of mercy and peace so please be merciful and allow God's love and peace to be a reflection from the way you are living your lives.

Lead holy lives and keep your souls focused on my Son Jesus. Keep praying, fasting and turning your hearts to my Son. Pray the Rosary often and meditate on each mystery. Pray, pray from your hearts and allow my grace to transform your lives.

Please keep your hearts open to the graces which are pouring forth from my Immaculate Heart. Please keep your hearts open so you can begin today to live all that I am teaching you. Each message is so important and through prayer and receiving the sacraments they will become embedded in your hearts.

It is out of pure love and concern that I turn my Heart to each of you. Feel my love and concern today and do all that I am asking of you. I truly am with you and if you do what I ask many more souls will be saved here. Many more will turn to God and they will come to know our love, our peace, and our joy. Amen.

The Second Vatican Council in the Dogmatic Constitution on the Church, chapter 8, described Mary as Mediatrix of Grace. We know that Jesus Christ, her Son Incarnate, is the one essential Mediator and Source of all grace. Yet, in the economy of salvation, Mary as Mother of Jesus Christ and Mother of the Church, has a most important intercessory role with her Son, Jesus Christ. She has graces from Jesus Christ to bestow, but we must ask for them.

The mind and intellect desire to know the truth. The Catholic Church alone is the fullness of true faith, with its deposit of faith received from Jesus Christ. We must seek this truth, not simply to know, but to respond in love, to live the truth.

To be effective instruments to evangelize, to draw other souls to Christ, to His Church, we must be worthy vessels and reflect the joy of possessing the truth by the way we live. "In order for these messages to be spread, love and joy must shine through you." - Page 212

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