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What are private revelations?  by Fr. Fox


Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition

66 “The Christian economy, therefore, since it is the new and definitive Covenant, will never pass away; and no new public revelation is to be expected before the glorious manifestation of our Lord Jesus Christ." (DV 4: cf. 1Tim6:14; Titus2:13)” Yet even if Revelation is already complete, it has not been made completely explicit; it remains for Christian faith gradually to grasp its full significance over the course of the centuries.

67 “Throughout the ages, there have been so-called `private' revelations, some of which have been recognized by the authority of the Church. They do not belong, however, to the deposit of faith. It is not their role to improve or complete Christ's definitive Revelation, but to help live more fully by it in a certain period of history. Guided by the magisterium of the Church, the "sensus fidelium" knows how to discern and welcome in these revelations whatever constitutes an authentic call of Christ or his saints to the Church. ”

Christian faith cannot accept `revelations' that claim to surpass or correct the Revelation of which Christ is the fulfillment, as is the case in certain non-Christian religions and also in certain recent sects which base themselves on such revelations.

Catechism of the Catholic Church Second Edition

Public divine revelation ended with the death of the last Apostle, St. John. The Church is still studying and meditating what Revelations have been handed her from God through the Sacred Scripture and Tradition. Deeper insights into God's Word thus progresses. While private revelations can help us see what is already in Scripture and the traditional teachings of the Church any private revelation is never the source of our divine faith.

With the multiplicity of reported private revelations and locutions so widespread in the world at the present time it is difficult for people to know which, if any, can be trusted. It must, of course be said, that all we need to know and believe and practice is already contained in the Scriptures and Magisterial teachings of the Church. No one is obliged to believe private revelations, even those approved by the Church as worthy of human faith.

The basic motive of all faith is the authority of the one who is speaking. It is known as divine faith when the one believed is God. It known as human faith when the persons believed are human beings. Divine faith then is the assent of the mind to what God has revealed and is distinct from human faith, which is the acceptance of the word of a human being. As sincere Catholics we must have divine faith in all that is contained in the Word of God which makes up the Sacred Scriptures of both the Old and New Testaments of the Bible.

A dogma of faith is a doctrine taught by the Church to be believed by all the faithful as part of divine revelation. Those who consider themselves sincere Catholics must accept as formally revealed truths dogmas which have been promulgated as such by the Church. Dogmas of faith are revealed either in Sacred Scripture or Tradition, either explicitly, such as the Incarnation, the Word made flesh, or implicitly, such as the bodily Assumption of Our Blessed Mother into heaven.

It goes without saying then that the messages of Little Mary do not fall under divine faith except insofar as they may contain what is already in Sacred Scripture or the dogmatically defined revelations of Jesus Christ. One could be a good Catholic who did not believe the source of the messages even of Guadalupe, Lourdes or Fatima to be supernatural in origin. We may put human faith in their origin.

As one who has studied Guadalupe, Lourdes, Fatima and some other private revelations approved by the Church as worthy of human faith, it would seem to me rather foolish if one is well informed on these sources and their messages and still would not accept them.Yet, it would be the privilege of a sincere Catholic not to accept as of supernatural origin that which is not solemnly required in divine faith by the Church if one were not humanly convinced.

The simplest and surest way to recognize whether phenomena are supernatural, and not natural or preternatural phenomena, would be humility on the part of the person, obedience to Church authority, and, of course, that the fruits of the supernatural gifts are having good effects. The effects would refer both to the person with the charism, and especially others, for a charism is for others. So the surest way to test authenticity is the character of the person who receives the messages and whether good fruit is the result.

It is even possible that the devil can be speaking through a person who manifests signs or presents messages that cause wonderment in others.

What is meant by preternatural? It is that which is beyond the natural but is not strictly supernatural. It is either because natural forces are used by God to produce effects beyond their native capacity, or because above-human forces, angelic or demonic, are active in the world of space and time. This means that it is possible in the spiritual world for phenomenon to be of evil spirits.

It is important then to determine the effects.

Jesus said, "Beware of false prophets who come to you in sheep's clothing but inwardly are ravenous wolves. You will know them by their fruits. Are grapes gathered from thorns, or figs from thistles? So, every sound tree bears good fruit, but the bad tree bears evil fruit. A sound tree cannot bear evil fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Thus you will know them by their fruits" (Mt 7:15-20).

The greatest temptation is pride. There have been genuine mystics who eventually have fallen victim to pride. Thus they can betray the grace of God and not bear the fruit that originally was intended.

It would seem this is why Lucia of Fatima remained upon the earth for so many years, even remaining close to 90 more years on earth [as this commentary is written] after the 1917 revelations when she was already then 10 years old. Lucia remaining upon earth for so many years was not only to fulfill her mission given, that she remain upon earth for years to spread devotion to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, but her presence and prudence in general, with obedience, has confirmed the genuiness of her mission. She has remained humble. She has in fact often been humbled. She has not lost her balance. What is needed in the studying of persons who are instruments of God in performing miracles is the character of the person who is used and the effects.

It is wise in the case of persons seeming to possess unusual phenomena which seem to be supernatural that, for the record, all be put on paper. I once heard the theological advisor to the Fatima Family Apostolate advise that when such phenomena seems evident to put all on paper. In the case of Little Mary heaven has asked her to write the messages, even dictating them. This is what Sister Josefa Menendez experienced in the early 1920's.

Writing is a duty to persons who have been given a special mission. Remember Our Blessed Lady instructed Lucia to learn how to read. This was also that she would learn how to write, as she was later put under obedience by her bishop to do so more than once.The Memoirs of Sister Lucia became a classic in spirituality already in her own life time.

Jesus Christ Himself did not write. Others wrote for Him, under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, in the case of the canonical texts of the Bible. God decided that there would be the Scriptures we know today as the Bible. For a long time there were no scriptures. Then, Abraham became the father of the chosen people. He was chosen by God. God being all wise decided there must be a record for the people of what He had said and done. That's how the Bible began. Judaism and Christianity are the only two religions who have written records which are historically verifiable. Mohammed was a dreamer but not of the kind in Scripture where God uses dreams. The Koran, which is the Moslem Bible, is not factual.

The importance of writing, in the case of one who is supposedly receiving messages or being used in a supernatural way, is not only that there be a record for the good of others, but also, in the case of those whose experiences are not supernatural, but only natural or preternatural, the record can eventually assist in determining the falsehood. Where there are records which show frequent contradictions, statements contrary to the Sacred Scriptures and dogmas of faith, drawing attention primarily to oneself, and evidence of bad fruits, all this will be on record too, but not for authenticity of things of a genuine supernatural character. Admittedly, the one keeping the records must be authentic, sincere in heart, truthful.

Virgin Mary MessagesThe author of this article on private revelations has exercised his priesthood for near 50 years at the time this is written. He has been engaged in Apostolates which have become international. Being also active in the Catholic media, more than a few cases of reported heavenly messages have come to his attention. What I have learned from frequent exposure to reported private revelations among other things is this: If a work is of God and is producing good fruit, good effects, one can also expect sufferings and attempts to destroy the good effects. The devil is never happy when souls are being converted and coming to Jesus Christ through the Sacraments of Reconciliation and the Holy Eucharist.

I have also learned that often well-intended people with reported messages from supposed supernatural sources, however sincere they may be, are too often under deceptions, not making proper distinctions, and not under proper spiritual direction and guidance. The Church in her wisdom knows well the need to be cautious and how often reported apparitions and seemingly supernatural phenomena eventually prove to be something else.

On the other hand, we can see in history, especially during the past century of the Marian Era, that even at times, religious leaders as least at first, in great caution which in itself is praiseworthy, have tried to suppress the messages. This has been true especially when Church authorities have been misinformed. I personally know more than one mystic, in this country and abroad, who at first received silent response from the higher Church authorities, but then mistrust from some local priests, sometimes for motives not the most pure. At a later time authenticity was established as worthy of human faith.

Often it has been lack of sufficient communication, misinformation given authorities, etc. which cause concern. The Church more than once has had to reverse itself on decisions about private revelations and persons when authorities received more reliable information, and made more thorough study.

The Church had to reverse itself regarding Saint Padre Pio during his early years of suffering the stigmata. Even the Vatican imposed obedience on him not to meet the public or celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass publicly. Over emotional reactions from some of the faithful hindered the mission given him and sent a false message about Padre Pio to the Vatican.

In the case of Saint Faustina, the apostle or secretary of Divine Mercy, poor and incorrect translations from the Polish of her writings into various languages hindered the Church's study. Such were the cause of many years of having Saint Faustina's now classic writings on Divine Mercy placed under a blanket of censure for many years. It was Carol Cardinal Wojtyla, (Pope John Paul II) who as Archbishop of Krakow, was able to inform the Vatican correctly. He has seen fit as Pope to teach much about Divine Mercy, obviously inspired greatly by Saint Faustina. In August of 2002 he dedicated an International Shrine to Divine Mercy on the grounds where Sister Faustina lived as a nun.

Am I asking that you believe that the source of Little Mary's messages are authentic and that she is a true mystic? No. I am not. I am sharing with you the record I've been keeping of one I've known the past few years and have studied messages from years before I became personally acquainted. The past few years, several times a week, I've been in conversation with her to encourage her. I've discovered the great sufferings she undergoes which are known to few and which some in responsible positions have not yet taken the time or had to occasion or interest to investigate. Her sufferings, I believe, could only be bore with special divine help.

I've been on pilgrimages with Little Mary, given a retreat at which she was present. I've worked consciously to be honest in reporting, not reporting many things that would duplicate or not be of particular value beyond which is already on record.

The reader can decide for him/herself whether he or she desires to accept what I see as appearing authentic. The messages have already helped hundreds, indeed thousands of people in a positive way.My judgement is not a judgment on behalf of the Church. It is as I have perceived things myself during the past years.

If some desire to say the messages are simply the fruit of Little Mary's personal meditations, that is their privilege. Then, so long as they are in harmony with our holy Catholic faith, they should not resist the diffusion of the messages if they themselves are sincere Catholics.

Personally, messages given to me by Little Mary, even directed to me personally at times in the living of my priestly life, I am convinced she could never have given or known or composed, except with help from above. But the messages given with precise dates, as often stated, are for people throughout the world.

Little Mary does not claim to be a special saint. She has her weaknesses about which I've frequently teased her. She has not wanted the mission of these messages. She has often been tempted to quit. She early on, as I became acquainted with her, offered to let me be the one who receives them. "No way," was my response. "I'd never get my work done, especially with all the suffering that must go with being such a messenger."

I and her more official spiritual advisor repeatedly have had to work to give her courage to continue, especially when diabolic attacks were in evidence. I have not seen her wanting notoriety. I've seen her desiring to hide. You are not asked to believe these messages as a part of Catholic faith, certainly not "divine" faith. If you care to put human faith, which is distinct from divine faith, in what is contained in the messages, that is your choice. But there is no responsibility to believe the contents even in human faith, unless of course what is said is already in agreement with the Scriptures and teachings of the Church, which sources good Catholics accept and strive to live by.

Your responsibility then is to believe by divine faith and practice what is already contained in the Scriptures and the Magisterial teachings on faith and morals of the Catholic Church. If the messages assist you in appreciating better what is in the Sacred Scriptures and the official teachings and practices of the Church - then I shall rejoice for such, I believe, is the purpose of the messages.

If you don't believe these messages are of supernatural origin, then perhaps you will want to read thier content as you would a novel. Novels of a spiritual kind have been known to touch many souls, for they have often drawn for their sources the truths of the scriptures and the teachings of the Church.

The opinion of this author is that Little Mary is authentic in giving us the messages. But that is only my educated position after much thorough investigation and hundreds of interviews with Little Mary and reading of countless numbers of messages.

I look to the fruits. I am aware of hundreds of souls drawn closer to Jesus Christ and His Sacraments through the prayers and activates of Little Mary and her messages from the Heart of Our Mother. I am aware of marriages healed, of souls which have returned to the Sacraments after many years, once they came into contact with these messages.

I am reminded here much as I have been with the case of "Francis" who bears the bleeding wound marks in his hands and his life and mission as I wrote of in the book titled: "FRANCIS".

I am well aware of the plethora of reported apparitions and messages today claiming to be supernatural. I admit to discounting most, as sufficient evidence is unavailable. I remain neutral to some, and totally reject others which lack the ring of authenticity and too often lack a spirit of humility and obedience.

If you know the teachings of the Church, I think you will agree that in a most simple and motherly way the messages reported here aid us in knowing and living in a practical way much of what is in public revelation. We will then not be indifferent to the role God assigns to private revelation in the life of the Church.

Little Mary has a real perception by her external senses. It seems a real acoustical vibration is produced in her ears. She hears our Blessed Mother, sometimes Jesus. She tells me this happens as clearly as she hears me when I am talking to her by phone.

Can we act upon these messages? Certainly, a person may act upon these messages if one observes that they contain nothing contrary to faith and morals and that they help bring one closer to God.

“... A sound tree produces good fruit but a rotten tree bad fruit. A sound tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor a rotten tree bear good fruit.“ (Mt 7:17-18).

Have there been signs? I have received written testimonies from people who have received physical healings after Little Mary prayed over them. I have received one even from a doctor whose four year old child was serious but when they arrived at Mayo clinic in Rochester for treatment, all symptoms of the problem had disappeared. I personally know a woman whose child would soon have been born dead except for the message given Little Mary to relay to the mother of this unborn child that her unborn child was in deep trouble and seek the help of doctors immediately. After the child was born the mother gave me a long and detailed account.

The world is in turmoil. The family is in crisis. Many souls are being lost. The Church itself is in crisis even though Jesus has promised it can never totally be destroyed. People are confused by some who should teach the fullness of the Gospel but misrepresent the true faith and morals of Catholicism. Some who do not explicitly misrepresent rather ignore or are silent on matters of faith and morals which need to be taught. Thus our heavenly Mother comes with messages pleading for faith in the full Gospel and a living of the full Gospel.

I have long been a professional Catholic writer, with all my own personal weaknesses and failings. Having written more than 50 books and thousands of articles, still, I would not be able to write the messages day after day which Little Mary receives and writes as they are dictated to her. I could not express such calls for living the Gospel, our Catholic faith, so simply, so pointedly, so meaningfully for the average person so that the Heart of Our Mother touches the hearts of her children. Knowing Little Mary well, I know that she too is incapable of composing these messages on her own. They flow. At times they seem almost poetic. I believe they harmonize with Scripture and the Magisterial teachings. Often the content is the same as that of Scripture without Little Mary even realizing it until I point out the message is the same as the Gospel.

May you discover the Heart of Jesus through the Heart of His Mother as you read the contents of these messages.

The above is COPYRIGHT 2003 and is reprinted here with the permission of the Author.

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You don't have to believe that Little Mary is really speaking to Jesus and Mary to find in this book a huge amount of insight and a perspective on reality worthy of serious consideration. 

These messages with the Mother of God has turned out to be a splendid work of spiritual discussion and  challenges us in our secular society to rethink and reflect on and to live a life of virtue.  This is a great book for building up a new personal relationship with Jesus and his Blessed Mother one day at a time.

Fr. Fox does a very nice explantion of these messages and how they flow with the Gospels and the Fatima messages.

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